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Glass Replacement Services

Replace you old misty windows today in Burnley, Accrington and all surrounding areas.


Glass Replacement

If your looking to replace old misty windows then look no further. We have all the skills necessary to replace old windows and glass at a great low cost.

Misty Windows

Often called blown windows or misty windows this refers to a window that has lost its insulating vacum in the middle of your double glazing pane.

The mist is actually just moisture that has been let into the window space and then evaporates inside the window condensing again on the colder glass surface. This will make the window feel much colder and will be much less energy efficient loosing money and heat at the same rate!

Any Type of Glass

We can replace any type of double glazed window you like from small openers to large bays. We have it all and can have your house looking sharp in no time.


  • No Loss of heat from replaced windows and glass
  • lower energy bills
  • Crystal clear window for better views
  • Less Noise
  • Cheaper than turning your heating up 

Window Services in Burnley

We offer professional residential window and glass replacement in Burnley and surrounding areas. We cover Accrington, Nelson, Colne, Blackburn and the Ribble Valley. There isn’t a job too big or small. If you need it replacing then give us a call.


Longer Reach Pole

Our long reach pole makes windows, skylights and conservatory roofs, which were once difficult to clean, a doddle. We really do make cleaning as easy as it should be. Don’t settle for dirt any more.  

Experienced Window Cleaner

With over 15 Years in the window cleaning business Tony and his team are as experienced as they come. Expanding and with the latest technology in the industry. T.Lawson Window cleaning is the first choice for many.

Pure Water Hot Wash System

Using only pure hot water our systems is built not to use detergents and other chemicals making it environmentally friendly and also makes you windows stay cleaner for longer as there is no residue left behind. 

Friendly Local Service

We pride ourselves on our great service and friendly attitude. We are hard workers and get the job done right, every time! Give us a call to find out.