Brand New Web Site

Hi and welcome to my first post as a blogger! Never thought i’d say that.

Firstly I want to introduce my brand new web site full of information and images of the work we can and have done and obviously we have a contact us page with all the contact information you need to get in touch.

Now we have a blog as well, where I will be updating you from time to time about new jobs we have done and updates that I want to tell everybody. Check back for more information coming soon.

I have a new Facebook page located at the bottom of every page on the web site please like and share with your friends, leave a comment and add images if you want. I’ll look forward to reading all your nice comments soon.

Lastly I want to thank John at Plan2pixel for doing the web site for me, here is a link to his site so you can all get a quote for a shiny new web site like mine now.